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Match in Light of Astrology 🔮

Let's discover your birth chart! Find your astrological mates, see the deeper!

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Special for you, like your fingerprint!

Your birth chart tells about your potentials in life. It has inspirational hints about your secret side.

Personalized Notifications

Your birth chart based notifications will meet you with harmony of life.

Soulmate Finder

Specific astrological placements indicate our soulmate connections. You can find the precious people with Karma.

Karma Puzzle

You can learn how much you compatible with the person you look for.

Explore with Karma

Listen thousand years of astrological wisdom!

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Where is. my soulmate?

6 hours scanning for soulmate

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Are we compatible?

Calculate compatibility with Karma Puzzle

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Special Matches

Meet with your Soultwin, Karma Lord, Shadow people and more on the way...

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More than Zodiac

Vedic, Maya and Chinese astrology is coming soon...

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No more swiping

Choose among automatic matches

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Get Astrological Tips

Get tips from your match's synastry chart, explore them quickly.

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Karma Premium Packages



  • 5 New Matchs Per Day
  • Daily Notifications
  • 1 Karma Puzzle Per Day
  • 6 Hours of Soul Mate Scanning Per Day*
Jupiter Package

Extra from Venus

  • Vedic, Maya and Chinese Astrology
  • Non-limited Karma Puzzle
  • 24 Saat Ruh Eşi Taraması*
  • Personal Astrological Notifications
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